Sunshine and Shade - Original Meditation Piano Music

by Sharon Drury

Released 2012
Released 2012
Meditation piano music. These relaxing music compositions are woven together with ambient instrumental and piano arrangements to enhance relaxation. Excellent for meditation, massage, yoga, reiki, very healing. Original compositions by Sharon.
Customer Review:

You are truly an instrument from the heavens and it comes across so beautifully in your music. I'm now kicking myself for not just buying all of your CD's at once. I've even taken to listening to your music in my office at work. Only problem is, some of the songs move me to tears with their beauty. I plan to continue to play your music at every opportunity I can. I can hardly wait until I have a scrapbooking get together with my family and friends.

Your music will be the catalyst for our inspiration as we work on preserving our memories. Again, THANK YOU. Listening to your music was the highlight of an already wonderful weekend getaway with my best friend. My husband and children are going to be hearing alot of Drury music in the house in the months to come.
Have a Beautiful Day!! Ruth