Night Songs (Soothing Original Piano Music)

by Sharon Drury

Released 2005
Released 2005
Sleeping Music | Meditation Music

According to studies, gentle, slow, relaxing, "soothing piano music" has a stunningly positive impact on learning, creativity, and memory. Researchers have shown just 45 minutes of relaxing piano music before bedtime can make for a restful night.
Listening to piano music causes physical changes that aids restful sleep, including a lower heart and respiratory rate.
Good sleeping music, meditation music, wonderful for massage, yoga, reiki, and relieving stress.
Review of "Night Song" from "Night Songs"
This very evocative tune is so full of feeling and sensitivity.
Night Song reminds me alot of the work of Robert John Godfrey, (The Enid), in its haunting sound. Quite unique and original, most unlike anything else around these days. Some beautiful and stylish piano work here.
Review by Kenneth John Parsons.

Review of "Heaven's Gift" from "Night Songs"
Left hand
Again, great support for a delicate melody with lovely left hand work. The melody flows very naturally with strong purpose and direction. Yet, even saying that doesn't do justice to the sensitive expression of the melody. The timing is simply natural, with loving attention to metre rather than strict obedience to it. It is as if it's being sung by a very gifted vocalist. This is no minor achievement in any instrumental piece of music, not to mention piano. Very sensitive approach to composition and performance. My hat is off to you Sharon.
Review by Ed Drury multi instrumentalist, composer, teacher, instrument maker and author.

Review of "Gently" from "Night Songs"
I have said it before and I'll say it are truly a master at this type of reflective music...inspired by the creator and arranged for all to hear and find inner peace. Thank you for all that you do...this world needs more artists like you.
Review by Aron David Bradley multi-instrumentalist musician composer

Review of "Mystic Mood" from "Night Songs"
Extravagant piano passages that meld together beautifully and the mood is Enticingly so to speak mystic...the layering of counterparts above the bass passage is superb...the ambiance is capturing as it moves thru the tonal spectrums...-Austn