Mist on the Mountain - Celtic Collection

by Sharon Drury

Released 2006
Released 2006
Comparable to the music of Phil Coulter. Very Relaxing music!
Beautiful instrumental arrangements of Traditional Celtic Music along with some Original Celtic Music composed by Sharon. Instrumental Relaxation Music. Piano, cello, flute, harp and strings.
Review of "Mist on The Mountain"
Nice opening
A very subtle soundscape that envelopes the listener in tranquility. Great pad sound and the violin/viola is excellent. The song meanders along beautifully never wavering from its mood. A very thought provoking piece. SLy

Hi! My husband and I are both looking forward to enjoying these two as much as we are enjoying the one we already have. My husband jokingly said "I wonder how many times you can play a CD before it wears out", we have been playing it so much. Hope you have a nice and successful weekend in Midland! Thanks again, Beverly